Post Covid-19 Local Food Systems- and related systemic responses to the new world

Before Covid-19 food systems were already struggling from global challenges such as climate change and violent conflicts. Now, the pandemic is ravaging food production and disrupting supply chains across the globe. According to World Food Programme (WFP) estimates, millions more people will be threatened with acute food insecurity by the end of 2020. The food […]

Youth Dialogue: Ethnic Youth x LGBTI Youth, Together We Learn about Diversity

The beauty of nature is its diversity, millions of plants, several thousands animals, and the ever-changing seasons. Categorization of living beings is recent compared to the age of the world, but humans do, we categorize and cause problems. The more centralized development is, the more it pushes the marginalized away, especially those with pride in […]

Welcome to the Bangkok Aquarium, Our Future History

  The rain is splashing down like the wrath of God. Kim Ki-taek, the father and head of the family, scurrying back home with his children, Ki-woo and Chung-sook. The home is not part of anything estate-like but a basement shared by four members of the family. The underground dwelling depends on sunlight and air […]

When a Day’s Pay is Half of Your Child’s Formula Milk

  “Hard-working farmers are the backbone of the nation.” This is the beginning of the song ‘life of a farmer’ written to laud the agricultural profession, especially the rice farmers who produce for people in the country, and export it to other nations as well. But a conundrum remains, why such an essential and skilled […]

Rights and Lives of Transgender Women, Dimmed Hopes in Times of Hopelessness

  We could say Pattaya is the ‘capital city of transgender women.’ It was once a city overflowing with career opportunities, the chance to a life with dignity. But sometimes the line between dignity and indecency is so thin that we cannot see it, and with now the pandemic, all hopes are shattered. Restaurants and […]

Blue Snake and the Green Fish Tank: My Mom’s Narrative of Bangkok and Dream of a High School Girl

  “Fffwwwwwwhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeueeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuueeeee!” There goes the sound of heaven when someone steps on the yellow line. Just a step and the traffic cop blows his whistle. Oh god, who steps on the yellow line again? Oh? It’s me. A girl from Nakhon Phanom who just got into a university in Bangkok. What a developed city, I […]

Peace of Art: Cooking Therapy as an alternative method to create a safe space in the society

  Covid-19 pandemic is returning, so are the stress and worries which follow such a situation. Back when we first knew about the coronavirus, Ruslina “Rus” Muleng realized that it causes tremendous impacts to people. The lockdown restricted the movement and activities. “First I was interested in art therapy and I imagined that it should […]

Mindventure: When passion becomes profession

Feeling lost is, somehow, a part of life. The sense of loss may relate to education, work, or relationship. This feeling often blocks your feeling and emotion. Back in 2016, this kind of feeling occurred to Kangsom-Chanakarn Kachonseree as well. At that time she was a high school student, the turning point of many aspects […]

Youth Co:Lab story: IY4SD – Modern Indigenous weaving product to promote understanding towards Gender, Indigenous people and livelihood

  Mae Sam Laep Village, Sop Moei District, Mae Hong Son Province has an unique characteristic. It is located on the Thai-Burma border, the Salween River serves as a borderline. In 1994, the village area was declared a part of the Salween National Park. The modern forest conservation regulations have left profound impacts on the […]

Youth Co:Lab story: HINT – Resolving Students’ Insolvability

Studying in class alone may not always give 100% understanding and not everyone is comfortable with raising hands in the middle of the class. Therefore, many need supporters outside the classroom, be it asking questions from friends, tutoring or asking from their parents. However, these options are not available for everyone. Additionally, Covid-19 pandemic has […]

Learning journey of Youth Co:Lab 2020

Experienced by youth, Initiated by youth, and the solutions by youth is the idea of the Youth Co:Lab, the always sphere for youth to create social innovation. ​The severe global issues, the pandemic of the COVID-19, have made it easy for the organizer to select the theme that fits the society’s current challenges. The theme, […]

“Media for Citizenship Application Team” Youth from Chiang Mai who fight for stateless people’s rights

To build their own identity, stateless people have to face several obstacles for example “the process takes too much time”, “many cases are being avoided and postponed”, “high expenses” “exploitation by middlemen.” These are the reasons why 3 stateless youth from Chiang Mai ; Chart – Suchart Ingtha, Eak – Pathiparn Nalong and Tee – […]



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There are many innovation platforms all over the world. What makes Thailand Social Innovation Platform unique is that we have created a Thai platform fully dedicated to the SDGs, where social innovators in Thailand can access a unique eco system of entrepreneurs, corporations, start-ups, universities, foundations, non-profits, investors, etc. This platform thus seeks to strengthen the social innovation ecosystem in Thailand in order to better be able to achieve the SDGs. Even though a lot of great work within the field of social innovation in Thailand is already happening, the area lacks a central organizing entity that can successfully engage and unify the disparate social innovation initiatives taking place in the country.

This innovation platform guides you through innovative projects in Thailand, which address the SDGs. It furthermore presents how these projects are addressing the SDGs.

Aside from mapping cutting-edge innovation in Thailand, this platform aims to help businesses, entrepreneurs, governments, students, universities, investors and others to connect with new partners, projects and markets to foster more partnerships for the SDGs and a greener and fairer world by 2030.

The ultimate goal of the platform is to create a space for people and businesses in Thailand with an interest in social innovation to visit on a regular basis whether they are looking for inspiration, new partnerships, ideas for school projects, or something else.

We are constantly on the lookout for more outstanding social innovation projects in Thailand. Please help us out and submit your own or your favorite solutions here

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