Peace Building

The Invisible Wall: Getting To Know the Ethnic Groups and Challenges of life Through “Ethnic Youth Dialogue”

If we talk about one unique group that most people don’t have a chance to meet or talk to that much, an ethnic group may be one of the first ones that come to mind. But, why? Even though ethnic groups may not have a stand-out or different appearance from the majority of people in Thailand, […]

The Rainbow Stories: Learning the Way of Life through the Lens of LGBTI Youth

Did you know that Thailand still has a group of people who have not received equality or may not have the right to access what they deserve despite being a citizen of the same country? Among these people, LGBT people are one of the groups that have been overlooked for their needs and are often denied […]

Unheard Voices: Untold Stories of Muslim Youth Through Youth Dialogue

Imagine a Muslim family using taxi services, dressed in traditional clothing, and receiving strange and uncomfortable expressions from the driver. But family members are not really surprised either, as they are used to being stared at and having to explain their culture and values, as a Muslim family living in a country where Muslims are […]

Different, Not Less: Pushing the Limits Through Learning the Life Experiences of Youth with Disabilities

Have you ever thought about how we all have different abilities? Some people run very fast, some sing well, and some have cool ideas for changing the world. However, when we talk about people with disabilities, sometimes we forget that they are not different from people without disabilities. We may not be aware of their […]

Ocean Heroes: keep marine debris out of the ocean with the power of youth and local wisdom from Narathiwat

‘Narathiwat’ is known for the richness of natural resources, notably those from aquatic areas. Although artisanal fishing is the cornerstone of local traditions there, the province has been plagued with frequent volatile weather and marine debris. Plastics are scattered everywhere, from the littered shore to swirling waves, and they force Narathiwat folks to look for […]

Clean Air Heroes: when youth and adults from Mae Hong Son join hands in smog reduction

  For a group of young people from Mae Sariang, a ride to Mae Hong Son Knowledge Park stretched into 3 hours. They came as participants in the project competition called “Clear Air Heroes 2022.” Just like other contestants who had to travel over a long distance to be there, they only knew that this […]

When young people step up to transform their hometown: on creative space that leaves no one behind

  In each passing era, social changes and social issues were diversely defined. Equality, once a hallmark of 19th-century progress, is now enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This pushes for a development process that honors both success and failure. A step forward never means leaving anyone behind. Whether the end of our journey […]

Youth Meaningful Participation: 8 rungs to the meaningful engagement

Have you ever experienced full and effective youth participation? It is clear that these days, youth is becoming an important stakeholder and everyone seems to be eager in bringing youth to the table or organizing fun activities to promote many issues towards our sustainable future. However, how many of us actually understand the level of […]

“Close Your Eyes, Open Your Heart” to Thailand’s First Disability-Focused Podcast by People with Visual Impairment

  Oftentimes those who recognize social differences do not know if they should call people with vision disabilities “visually impaired” or “blind”, as both terms seem to reflect classification and put physical limitations on the spotlight. During the 2nd Youth Dialogue on “youth with disabilities”, hosted in support of exchange of opinions, the answer from […]

“Origi,” a Platform That Will Revitalize Local Products and Create Sustainable Growth for All

  Youth Co:Lab 2021 was the first event that UNDP in Thailand hosted 100% online, as the transmission of COVID-19 at the time of the event remained severely high, making in-person gatherings too perilous to take place. Although a number of young participants were faced with the issue of limited access to the internet, we […]

‘Online Zakat,’ a New Model of Islamic Fundraising Platform That Closes Inequality Gap

  For the first time since the project launch, Youth Co:Lab was organized 100% online, in compliance with measures to reduce travel and close contact to combat the ongoing spread of COVID-19 in numerous areas. Amidst the public health crisis that inflicts great difficulties upon every person’s life, we see the unmistakable brilliancy of opportunities […]

Fetch Mobile Ice Cream Vendors with This Anti-Inequality Innovation!

  For the longest time, street vending has sparked heated debates in Thailand, due to the vendors’ alleged encroachment of public space and their contribution to urban pollution, with or without the awareness of their action. However, the team “Carter” sees this service as a way to reduce inequality in the society. Then what exactly […]



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There are many innovation platforms all over the world. What makes Thailand Social Innovation Platform unique is that we have created a Thai platform fully dedicated to the SDGs, where social innovators in Thailand can access a unique eco system of entrepreneurs, corporations, start-ups, universities, foundations, non-profits, investors, etc. This platform thus seeks to strengthen the social innovation ecosystem in Thailand in order to better be able to achieve the SDGs. Even though a lot of great work within the field of social innovation in Thailand is already happening, the area lacks a central organizing entity that can successfully engage and unify the disparate social innovation initiatives taking place in the country.

This innovation platform guides you through innovative projects in Thailand, which address the SDGs. It furthermore presents how these projects are addressing the SDGs.

Aside from mapping cutting-edge innovation in Thailand, this platform aims to help businesses, entrepreneurs, governments, students, universities, investors and others to connect with new partners, projects and markets to foster more partnerships for the SDGs and a greener and fairer world by 2030.

The ultimate goal of the platform is to create a space for people and businesses in Thailand with an interest in social innovation to visit on a regular basis whether they are looking for inspiration, new partnerships, ideas for school projects, or something else.

We are constantly on the lookout for more outstanding social innovation projects in Thailand. Please help us out and submit your own or your favorite solutions here

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