Young People, Economy, and the COVID-19: The Economic Crisis Expanding to Multi-dimension Difficulties of Youth Life

  “More than 8 in 10 children and young people in Thailand said they were anxious that the COVID-19 pandemic would affect their household income.” “23 percent of young people who either had permanent jobs or worked part-time is reported unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” This is the fact collected from more than 6,000 children and […]

Youths in a time of Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Surveying Youth Free-Time It’s prevalent that people are encouraged to stay at home during COVID-19 . Additionally, many schools, public spaces and activity space are temporarily closed. These factors have made people, especially kids and youths, have so much time at home. The UNICEF and its partners’ survey findings on Covid-19 Impacts to Youths showed […]

How Covid-19 affects Youth?

  Covid-19, in some ways, is affecting everyone including children and youth. The Children and youth’s worriness have stemmed from different issues, from physical health, mental health, education challenges to economy regression. UNICEF together with The Children and Youth Council of Thailand, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA) surveyed 6,771 individuals […]

“Media for Citizenship Application Team” Youth from Chiang Mai who fight for stateless people’s rights

To build their own identity, stateless people have to face several obstacles for example “the process takes too much time”, “many cases are being avoided and postponed”, “high expenses” “exploitation by middlemen.” These are the reasons why 3 stateless youth from Chiang Mai ; Chart – Suchart Ingtha, Eak – Pathiparn Nalong and Tee – […]

‘Local Chef’s to Peace Project’ make peace between Thai-Buddhist, Muslim and Thai-Chinese in the South though local food.

  In the midst of South Thailand insurgency, many departments are finding solutions to end the conflict including this group of youth from the South ; Phadlee Tohday, Arafa Buerangae, Iskanda Kuno, Tarmeesee Anansai, the winner from Youth Co:Lab Thailand 2019 competition. They are determined to change disagreements into peace among the turmoil in the […]

When Global Climate is Collapsing. Here are 4 things you should know from “COP25” Conference.

We can’t deny that in the past several years, global climate has rapidly changed, since the overall temperature has already increased by 1.1°C. The matter has caused destructive impacts on many lives as we can see the occurrence of several natural disasters all over the world. If we continue to ignore, the temperature is expected […]

Lessons from “National Dialogue”: Live with Understandings and Stop Hate Speech

Youth Co:Lab has opened up new experiences for youths from across the country, who attended the event on 1-3 November 2019. The 10 teams had an opportunity to discuss initiatives on how youths can contribute to conflict prevention and how to live with understandings and diversity. They also had an opportunity to be part of […]

Youth Co:Lab Thailand 2019: What we learned from the social innovation challenge that Leave No One Behind

Youth is an age full of energy and creativity. Nowadays, youth is not only thought of as the beneficiaries, but also has a role as ‘Driver’ of sustainable development. One of the most important things that allow young people to take part as an agent of change is to create a space in the society […]

Social incubator: a business idea incubation for a sustainable quality society

  Today the business concept of social enterprise is a much-talked-about topic. A lot of us may not yet have a full understanding of this type of business and entrepreneurship – although it can be something quite close to home. A social enterprise is a business of which the primary objective is to address one […]

How the tsunami may no longer be the terrible disaster it once was

If you can’t beat it, lower its risks: how the tsunami may no longer be the terrible disaster it once was As the World Tsunami Awareness Day rolled around on November 5, we couldn’t help but think about 15 years ago when a tsunami hit the south of Thailand. On December 26, 2004, an earthquake […]

‘Local Changemaker is the key driver to creating innovation at grassroots’ : Lesson learned from Training of Trainers for Social Innovation and Social Enterprise Localization

Written by Haidy Leung from ChangeFusion   The “Training of Trainers (TOT) for Social Innovation and Social Enterprise Localization” workshop was held by UNDP Thailand in collaboration with Tandemic and ChangeFusion on 18-20 October 2019 at Novotel Phloen Chit, Bangkok, with a total of 30 participants from all 4 regions represented at the workshop.   […]

From Circular Economy to a business model towards sustainability

Today, there is no escaping the waste problem that comes as an alarming result of humans’ consumption behaviour. One plastic bag we unfold and carry for no longer than ten minutes takes up to 450 years to degrade. Right now the world is creating approximating 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste, and more than 79% […]



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There are many innovation platforms all over the world. What makes Thailand Social Innovation Platform unique is that we have created a Thai platform fully dedicated to the SDGs, where social innovators in Thailand can access a unique eco system of entrepreneurs, corporations, start-ups, universities, foundations, non-profits, investors, etc. This platform thus seeks to strengthen the social innovation ecosystem in Thailand in order to better be able to achieve the SDGs. Even though a lot of great work within the field of social innovation in Thailand is already happening, the area lacks a central organizing entity that can successfully engage and unify the disparate social innovation initiatives taking place in the country.

This innovation platform guides you through innovative projects in Thailand, which address the SDGs. It furthermore presents how these projects are addressing the SDGs.

Aside from mapping cutting-edge innovation in Thailand, this platform aims to help businesses, entrepreneurs, governments, students, universities, investors and others to connect with new partners, projects and markets to foster more partnerships for the SDGs and a greener and fairer world by 2030.

The ultimate goal of the platform is to create a space for people and businesses in Thailand with an interest in social innovation to visit on a regular basis whether they are looking for inspiration, new partnerships, ideas for school projects, or something else.

We are constantly on the lookout for more outstanding social innovation projects in Thailand. Please help us out and submit your own or your favorite solutions here

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