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SDG 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Nowadays, corporates don’t only expect the break-even points or the profit, but also the point that we called “Impact Investing and Innovative Finance”, the new economic blueprint that would widen the perspective of corporates and community-based entrepreneurship aiming for sustainable community change. Part of Impact Investing to begin with is  “Biodiversity Finance” What is Biodiversity […]

Written by Aphinya Siranart, Head of Exploration, UNDP Thailand  ‘Business as usual’ is no longer acceptable, and certainly not conducive to the creation of a sustainable future. The business context has changed significantly in the last decade and is set to change further in the coming years as stakeholders bring their growing influence to bear. Consumers, […]

Today, there is no escaping the waste problem that comes as an alarming result of humans’ consumption behaviour. One plastic bag we unfold and carry for no longer than ten minutes takes up to 450 years to degrade. Right now the world is creating approximating 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste, and more than 79% […]

Youth Co:Lab Report 2017-2018 How important are social innovation and social entrepreneurship for youth and sustainable development? What happened in Youth Co:Lab in the past 2 years? What did we learn from it? What are the ideas and solutions created and what are their impact?   Let’s find out together! Along with the vision to […]

  Nesta, a British innovation foundation, used data innovation to analyze the demand for labor in the UK in 41 million job advertisements. It predicted that data engineering is a skill most likely to be the best paying one around. How could data innovation could help the Brexit crisis? Let’s start with some background on […]

Too Big to Handle Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is a diverse place both geographically and socially. It is home to over 22 million people, and more than 50% are under 26 years old. The city’s population has grown from 3 million to 22 million people in less than 70 years. Because of this, […]

 Modern social entrepreneur (n.) = Someone who wants to build a business that drives positive social change. They are not someone who can make a business more than a business, but anyone who wants to do their part in helping solve society’s problems. We’re talking about the modern social entrepreneur – someone who wants to […]

Industrial Revolution 4.0 : Asia’s Next Policy Moonshots. On the occasion of the launch of the new UN Development ProgrammeRegional Innovation Center in Bangkok, we reflect on how Asia in the past decades has demonstrated previously inconceivable levels of change. The next decades of ‘directed improvisation’ could make a decisive impact on the future of how humans, […]

Civic Cities as the Minimum Unit of Change in the Great Transition. We are living in the midst of rapid change and mounting evidence of the fragility of public trust in societal institutions. Increasingly our means of change are restricted not by capital or capacity (though we often like to point at these shortfalls), but rather […]

Changing the world through social enterprise involved building a sustainable business! This workshop will dive into understanding business models, including using the Business Model Canvas (BMC) framework of building blocks to help you to visualise different elements of your social venture. This thinking is essential for social entrepreneurs as much as regular entrepreneurs. In the […]

Besides fun experience and music, one of the issues that Wonderfruit focuses on is “sustainability”. Wonderfruit is not only a music activity that promotes environmental cause, but is also a central platform to build awareness, promote creativity, and be a model of inspiration to change behaviour. It also complies with Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs […]

To prepare for many challenges that will come in 2019, designers, innovators, activists, social entrepreneurs, and everyone can become part of change making and inventing new solutions that concern more about diversity. Thailand Social Innovation Platform is introducing examples of innovations that are interesting and inspiring social changes nowadays. 1. Starbucks has opened a new […]

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There are many innovation platforms all over the world. What makes Thailand Social Innovation Platform unique is that we have created a Thai platform fully dedicated to the SDGs, where social innovators in Thailand can access a unique eco system of entrepreneurs, corporations, start-ups, universities, foundations, non-profits, investors, etc. This platform thus seeks to strengthen the social innovation ecosystem in Thailand in order to better be able to achieve the SDGs. Even though a lot of great work within the field of social innovation in Thailand is already happening, the area lacks a central organizing entity that can successfully engage and unify the disparate social innovation initiatives taking place in the country.

This innovation platform guides you through innovative projects in Thailand, which address the SDGs. It furthermore presents how these projects are addressing the SDGs.

Aside from mapping cutting-edge innovation in Thailand, this platform aims to help businesses, entrepreneurs, governments, students, universities, investors and others to connect with new partners, projects and markets to foster more partnerships for the SDGs and a greener and fairer world by 2030.

The ultimate goal of the platform is to create a space for people and businesses in Thailand with an interest in social innovation to visit on a regular basis whether they are looking for inspiration, new partnerships, ideas for school projects, or something else.

We are constantly on the lookout for more outstanding social innovation projects in Thailand. Please help us out and submit your own or your favorite solutions here

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