• Published Date: 17/02/2019
  • by: UNDP

Saturday School International Volunteer: Volunteer to organize learning

Among an  immense number of tourists that come to Thailand, besides landmarks and famous areas to visit, there  are activities to support them form the morning to the evening. Still, Thailand’s tourist industry has gap that can become opportunity. It’s apparent that every tourist wants to have new experience and meaningful trip, but they still lack of insight or in-depth information in tourism that can be acquired from local people. Also, the local people are willing to communicate, but they lack of knowledge and skills in English. Pimpicha Boon-anan, Paphop Moongphianman, and Juthathip Talumassawad therefore started Saturday School International Volunteer, a project that allows tourists to become language instructors that can travel and help local people gain new knowledge.

Tourists can register with Saturday School International Volunteer to teach children in the community. The children will get more English knowledge and skills, while other people in the community can be tour guides. There will be income for local shops and tourists will definitely get travel experience that they cannot get from any guide books.

Saturday School International Volunteer is one of the projects that are awarded by Youth Co:lap. The team was offered an opportunity to attend workshops for project development. They were advised by Local Alike to continuously join various contests to promote the project, increase opportunity that businesses, organizations, partners in each areas will collaborate, and may cause the project to get more fund. By means of personnel limitation, the project must be supported by systems because the first phase of operation is in form of volunteering so there must be pre-calculated solution for personnel changes.

The interesting point from Saturday School International Volunteer is to discover that tourists that become volunteer are willing to work seriously. There are exchanges of teaching approach the each are capable of using to improve the teaching methods for children in Thai school. Each party has different nationality and is willing to join the learning process. In 8 days, there are new teaching and learning processes that make Saturday School International Volunteer become central platform the collect knowledge from collaborative exchange of opinions.

This year, Saturday School International Volunteer comes with activities that tourist volunteer and students did together. Fore those who are interested, please follow the project at  https://www.facebook.com/Saturday-School-International-Volunteer-SSIV-2465208980188258/

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