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Ageing population becomes one of global issues. In Thailand, according to National Statistical Office, 17% of Thai population is elderly. Although 85% of elderly are literate, 61% are unemployed and 42% rely on their children’s money. Almost 20% stated that they want to get a job/work and one-third of them are still in debt at age 60. With challenges and inequality to access financial security and social connections, these negatively affect to their dignity, ability to be independent and lead them to social exclusion. Regarding to Dtac’s report, 56% of elderly can access to the internet. Facebook users’ report also said “only very small Thai elderly do not have FB accounts”. Thus, to support Thai elderly have a better later life and access to social inclusion, we aim to provide a platform for face-to-face and online interactions where they can get additional income by sharing their skills, knowledge and experiences.

Our knowledge sharing platform available on smartphone and website will provide ‘win-win-win benefits’ to all. Firstly, it will absolutely benefit to elderly’s quality of life. Not only do they have a chance to get additional income to support their living expense and reduce dependence on their family and children, but this platform also helps them maintain their healthy and active life by allowing them to show their ability and do the things they love. They will feel self-worth and belong as a part of society. These will preserve both their physical and mental capacities. Secondly, they are a gold mine of skills and resources in a society. Transferring knowledge across generations fosters and preserves intellectual and cultural heritage. The elderly could potentially benefit to young people in passing on their experience, expertise and guidance in many aspects. As their lifetime of skills, knowledge and wisdom are valued, they can be contributors in sharing the knowledge capital of the society. Lastly, it will relieve the financial burden to the country. The ageing population is predicted to put a strain on government spending, particularly on public social expenditure and in-kind public transfers such as social pension, national health care and long-term care services. However, if the elderly remain healthy as they age, not only can they still play a role as human capital resource, but the government will be also able to save large budget on physical and mental health care services and allocate to improve the country in other ways.

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There are many innovation platforms all over the world. What makes Thailand Social Innovation Platform unique is that we have created a Thai platform fully dedicated to the SDGs, where social innovators in Thailand can access a unique eco system of entrepreneurs, corporations, start-ups, universities, foundations, non-profits, investors, etc. This platform thus seeks to strengthen the social innovation ecosystem in Thailand in order to better be able to achieve the SDGs. Even though a lot of great work within the field of social innovation in Thailand is already happening, the area lacks a central organizing entity that can successfully engage and unify the disparate social innovation initiatives taking place in the country.

This innovation platform guides you through innovative projects in Thailand, which address the SDGs. It furthermore presents how these projects are addressing the SDGs.

Aside from mapping cutting-edge innovation in Thailand, this platform aims to help businesses, entrepreneurs, governments, students, universities, investors and others to connect with new partners, projects and markets to foster more partnerships for the SDGs and a greener and fairer world by 2030.

The ultimate goal of the platform is to create a space for people and businesses in Thailand with an interest in social innovation to visit on a regular basis whether they are looking for inspiration, new partnerships, ideas for school projects, or something else.

We are constantly on the lookout for more outstanding social innovation projects in Thailand. Please help us out and submit your own or your favorite solutions here

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